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UseModj Project Summary

UseModj? Wiki 1.2 released

- date: 2004-11-26 - Developer : Seo Seokjin ( )

- New Features :
  • Multi-language support( Unicode UTF-8 encoding)
  • RSS 1.0( rdf) support
  • file/image uploading, downloading or image resizing
  • multi-language file/image name support

- Test Environment :
  • OS: Window XP, Window2000
  • Server: jakarta-Tomcat4.1.xx( testing v4.1.30, v4.1.24)
  • JDK : J2SDK1.4 (testing jdk 1.4.2_06)
  • Deploy package: usemodj-utf8.war ( drop to ../jakarta-Tomcat4.1.xx/webapps/usemodj-utf8.war )
  • Test url: http://localhost:8080/usemodj-utf8/

Choose a tracker and you can browse/edit/add items to it.

UseModjWiki project is a Java implementation of the UseModWiki? of perl script. UseMod:CliffordAdams is the perpetrator?(Developer) of UseModWiki? v1.0. the original Wiki concept, WikiWikiWeb?[1], is created by UseMod:WardCunningham.

UseModjWiki is able to make use of the same flat file database storage and TextFormattingRules that UseModWiki? has made.

What can you do with UseModjWiki:

How to set up your own wiki:


  • /UseModjFAQ? (Common UseModj? queries)
  • /DeveloperQuestions?
  • UserHelp (User to user help)


  • UseModWikiDocumentation?
  • JavaClasses?(Subroutines which make up wiki.cgi (incomplete))
  • Actions (All the actions that can appear after the ? in the url)
  • AdminFeatures?
  • DataBase (Low-level file formats)
  • /DeveloperQuestions?
  • WikiSuggestions? (From other users)
  • WikiBugs? (Reported bugs)
  • WikiPatches? (Patches and improvements)

About this software:

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